The Reason For Leaving Punjab Kings

KL Rahul Discloses The Reason For Leaving Punjab Kings

<p>KL Rahul Discloses The Reason For Leaving Punjab Kings</p>

KL Rahul finally uncovered the reason for leaving PKBS and joining LSG. He said he wanted explore something new and take challenges.

Lucknow Super Giants Captain KL Rahul finally spilled the beans on leaving the Franchise of Punjab Kings and joining of  LSG. After leading the Punjab Kings consistently for 2 seasons and being a part of the team for four seasons, KL Rahul was the productive player of Franchise, and the top run-scorer, he wasn’t retained in the team and joined the new Franchise Lucknow Super Giants. KL Rahul made a good number of runs in the last season of IPL and even came in the 3rd position in the race of the top run-scorers. Then why did he leave the Franchise? Though there were estimations that this 29-year-old left the Franchise as Punjab Kings couldn't able to reach the finals despite making good runs. Well rendering all such rumors useless, Rahul has come up with actual reasons for discontinuing Punjab Kings and joining LSG. He said that he wanted to meet new challenges and want to evaluate himself that whether he can achieve something different  that’s why insisted on being part of the new franchise and bidding goodbye to his supporting Franchise, he said it was a 'difficult decision.' According to the official report, Rahul said, “I have been with them for four years and I've had a great run with them. Just wanted to see what's in store for me and if there's a new journey for me. It was a tough call. Obviously, I have been attached to Punjab for a long time. I wanted to see if I can do something else." Well, it was surprising for many that PKBS supported Rahul's decisions and let him quit the team. In response to such questions and surprises, Anil Kumble, head coach of PKBS replied to one sports channel and said, “Obviously we wanted to retain him, that is one of the reasons we chose him as captain two years back. But he decided to go into the auction. We respect that, we honor his decision. It's the player's prerogative.” Meanwhile, PKBS  is now operating under the captaincy of Mayank Agarwal and has other Top Notch Players like Shikhar Dhawan and Kagiso Rabada. Discussing his new team KL Rahul aid that he is quite satisfied with the time he has experienced up till with his new Franchise. He mentioned that everything was much new to him and building a new team was a much more exciting experience for him. According to the report KL Rahul said, “It was such a fun experience and I'm so glad to get this opportunity to be, you know, be part of a new team, be part of a new franchise, and build it from scratch, and that's what excited me and that's why I made the move to a new team because I wanted to be a part of something like this and learn along the way, and this is something that would be good for me in my journey and it'll help me grow as a person and grow as a cricketer as well. So yes, it’s exciting and I am really looking ahead and looking forward to what’s in store for all of us.”

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