WPL 2023 Mother of 2 year old Sneha Deepti starting her second inning

Vootala Sneha Deepthi, the unknown superwoman of India

<p><strong>Vootala Sneha Deepthi, the unknown superwoman of India</strong></p>

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Deepthi knows how to strike the perfect balance between her cricket career and her personal life

Vootala Sneha Deepthi, the unknown superwoman of India, is a part of the much-anticipated Women’s Premier League (WPL). Sneha Deepthi, a right-handed batswoman who began her career with Smriti Mandhana, is back as the mother of a two-year-old daughter. 

As the Women's Premier League kicks off on Saturday, V. Sneha Deepthi has become the talk of the nation due to her participation in the league while being a mother of a two-year-old child.  Deepthi knows how to strike the perfect balance between her cricket career and her personal life. A mother like her who is following her passion is an inspiration for many women. 

Sneha Deepthi was acquired by the Delhi Capitals at the auction in Mumbai for 30 lakhs.  

Early career in cricket: 

Sneha Deepthi hails from Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. She began her professional cricket training at the age of eight, thanks to her father's encouragement. Deepthi created a milestone by becoming the first cricketer from the Andhra Women’s Cricket Team to score a double hundred from her bat in 2013 against East Godavari in a senior women's inter-district match. She stuck on the field while scoring 203. 

After seeing her top-notch game in domestic cricket for Andhra Pradesh, officials selected Deepthi for internationals at the age of 16. She became the youngest women T20I debutant for India. Sneha Deepthi played two women's T20 international cricket matches and one women's one-day international cricket match in 2013. Her international cricket did not fly perfectly, and she was removed from international cricket. 

Sneha Deepthi continued to play domestic cricket. Deepthi made a new record in 2015. She scored 350 runs against Srikakulam in the match of the ACA North Zone Inter-District Women's Tournament in August 2015. Sneha Deepthi made history by becoming the only woman cricketer to score the most runs for the Andhra Cricket Association (ACA) by scoring a wonderful 350 runs. 

At the peak of her career, she took a break from cricket to marry and give birth to a daughter. 

Continue playing cricket after the pregnancy 

After the pregnancy, the body undergoes various changes, and females lose their confidence; the same thing happened to Sneha Deepthi. But she is fortunate in that her husband supported her during her difficult times. During the pregnancy, her husband clearly mentioned that she had to continue her career even after giving birth to a baby. 

Sneha felt she would never be able to play cricket again after giving birth to her child, as her weight had increased to around 35 kg. Sneha used to wonder if she would ever be fit enough to pursue her dream. Despite of feeling low, Deepthi gave herself deserving second chance. 

Sneha began watching her batting videos to motivate herself and realized that happiness would come her way if she resumed playing cricket because the cricket pitch is the only place where she finds happiness. To break the norm, she decided to start her second inning. Deepthi played and captained for Andhra for the 2021–22 season. 

Deepthi returned to the field like a boss, scoring 77 runs with fantastic boundaries against Rajasthan. She dedicated her half-century to her daughter. 

Sneha Deepthi loves power hitting and is planning to execute in the WPL.  Sneha wants to make the most of this wonderful chance to confirm her berth in the nationals.

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