Great Victory for Hardik Pandya

Great Victory for HardikPandya- Passes Yo-Yo Test as he Prepares for IPL 2022

Great Victory for HardikPandya- Passes Yo-Yo Test as he Prepares for IPL 2022

Distinguished Cricketer and Gujarat Titans’ Captain HardikPandya has passed the Yo-Yo testand attained an overwhelming victory after an appraisal at the National Cricket Academy (NCA) in Bengaluru. Now he is all set to lead his team.

A Yo-Yo test is a fitness test required to evaluate those centrally contracted players who have recovered from injuries. However, “In the case of Hardik, it was about getting a general fitness assessment going into the grueling IPL season," According to a source of BCCI, additionally, he said "He is an asset and one needed to check his current fitness standards. During Pandya’s fitness assessment sessions, the NCA asserted that he didn't need to bowl but this all-rounder and fast-pacer bowler “Insisted” to show his skills to see whether he is ready to play for the matches again and he did extremely well. The fitness authorities were quite satisfied with his action. "He didn't need to bowl at NCA but he has bowled for a considerable time and in the range of 135 kmph. On the second day, he crossed the Yo-Yo test with flying colors with a 17-plus score” which is much above the cut-off level said the official report. Well, for Team India the minimum score needed to clear the Yo-Yo test is 16.5. And as we can observe HardikPandya has easily scored above the said score, now he is fully ready to make a comeback in IPL matches as he couldn’t play the tournaments since last year after the T20 Men’s World Cup due to his injuries. Meanwhile, another outstanding player from Delhi Capitals and Former U-19 World Cup-winning captainPrithvi Shaw wasn't able to cross the eligibility mark and failed the test. This 22-year-old outstanding batter was also present at the National Cricket Academy for the appraisal but his fitness test result was not up to the mark. He was able to secure just the score of 15.Though it doesn’t that he will not be able to represent Delhi Capitals in IPL 2022. As per the official source, “These are just fitness updates. It doesn't stop Prithvi from playing for Delhi Capitals in IPL. It's just a fitness parameter and not the be-all and end-all." Adding on to the report he said, "Look, he has played three Ranji matches back-to-back. Once you play three first-class games on the bounce, the fatigue can also affect your Yo-Yo score.”  Shaw, who is not a part of the central contract may not be considered as the best fitness player and maybe that’s the reason why he is not been chosen as an opener, and Karnataka batter MayankAgarwal has been given preference.“If Prithvi is not being repeatedly considered, then perhaps his fitness standards aren’t up to the mark, as in what is expected of a Team India player,” according to a source. For now, the NCA test has just given us a glimpse of the Fitness status of the players, the real competition is about to happen from 26th March. Let’s see which players and which teams succeed in making their mark.

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