New Rules and Amend Some Conditions

IPL 2022 is Set to Exhibit New Rules and Amend Some Conditions

IPL 2022 is Set to Exhibit New Rules and Amend Some Conditions

IPL 2022 is Set to Exhibit New Rules and Amend Some Conditions

IPL 2022 15th Season is approaching near but with the advent of this season, the league will observe some significant changes in their rules and playing conditions this year made by BCCI. These changes are related to everything from DRS reviews to Super overs, let's have a closer look at these changes in the rules: Firstly, It’s the most important rule; The team is required to have '12 players available-11 on the field and there must be at least seven Indians and one substitution- for selection', however, if the team couldn't present the required no. of players due to Covid-19, then the BCCI will reschedule the team’s match once again later in the season and if this rescheduling is not possible to be implemented, then BCCI will delegate the matter to Technical Committee and their decision will be final. And last year the rule was if BCCI couldn't reschedule the match due to less no. of players, then it will try to reschedule the match and if this is not possible then the team will be considered to lose the match, and the opposite team will be the winner. Secondly, This change is related to Decision Review System (DRS). According to BCCI,"In each innings, the number of reviews have been increased from one to two." BCCI increased the referrals following the suggestion of the recent 'Melbourne Cricket Association'. Thirdly, Following the suggestion of Recent Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC), BCCI ruled that when there is a catch out new batsman will take the strike regardless of whether the previous batsman has crossed the crease or not, this rule will not apply if the last ball of the over. Statement of BCCI:"Upon a catch dismissal, irrespective of whether the batsmen have crossed or not the incoming batsman will take the strike, except if it's the last ball of the over.” Fourthly, In case of a tie in the finals/playoff, if it's not possible to organize the Super Over to break the tie, then the team which secured higher scores will be declared the winner. Stating the rules by BCCI-"If conditions do not permit a Super Over, or subsequent Super Overs within the time available to determine the winner as described, then the team which, at the end of the relevant regular season, finished in the higher position in the league table will be deemed the winner of the relevant play-off match." Lastly, The IPL 2022 League will be held at the venues in Mumbai and Pune. But BCCI will decide to organize Finals/Playoffs at any venue of their choice. Though there are speculations that Ahmedabad may host the final match, it is not a final confirmation. According to the official release of BCCI- "The BCCI shall have the right (at its cost) to organize and stage the play-off matches at any stadium (including any stadium) and shall be entitled to retain all revenues from the play-off matches save in respect of sums relating to such play-off matches which are due to franchisees in respect of the Central Rights Income (as such term is defined in the Franchise Agreement) under their Franchise Agreement.”

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